Some important and exciting changes have taken place
with your LIGNET subscription.

In an effort to deliver the highest quality service to subscribers, and to continue providing in-depth information as well as actionable intelligence, Newsmax has merged its top-notch LIGNET resources from the world of global intelligence into one of our most successful services, the Financial Braintrust (FBT).

LIGNET’s merge into FBT now includes the type of in-depth analyses from seasoned insiders, including senior intelligence officials and global experts, that subscribers have come to expect.

But with the Financial Braintrust you now have the opportunity to add to this information very useful financial and economic data from some of the best financial minds in the world. For example, Steve Forbes will soon be giving our FBT members a private financial briefing.

Your existing membership will transfer, with added benefits!

We want you to understand the changes and tell you how they affect you. So we have prepared the following Q&A section for you:

  1. Who does this affect?
    All LIGNET paid subscribers now have access to the Financial Braintrust for the remaining part of their subscription term.
  2. When did this change take affect?
    As of October 30, 2014, is no longer available online. All global and political intelligence can be accessed through the Financial Braintrust.
  3. How do I get access to Financial Braintrust?
    Simply  Click Here  and you will be guided in setting up new login credentials.
  4. Once I activate my account, how do I log in to FBT going forward?
    Once you have activated your access to FBT, in the future you would simply go to to login.
  5. What if I am already a member of Financial Braintrust?
    No problem. Your remaining subscription term for LIGNET will be added to your existing Financial Braintrust subscription.
  6. What if I had a free account with LIGNET?
    Your free account will not transfer over to FBT, but you can take advantage of this risk-free offer and test drive FBT by Going Here Now.
  7. What will I receive as a Braintrust subscriber that I did not receive as a LIGNET subscriber?
    • Exclusive editorial insights from Braintrust experts: This insight cannot be seen anywhere else, and it could give you that edge to make a move before anyone else knows what’s coming. These specific write-ups are for your eyes only.
    • Subscriber-only Braintrust Profit Report broadcasts with Financial Braintrust editor Andrew Packer and other Braintrust members: You will hear from the members themselves about what is really happening in the markets to fortify your financial future.
    • Subscriber-only video tutorials from Braintrust experts: These tutorials will teach you unique ways to extract additional income and profits in the market that few financial experts even know exist. They will also give you techniques to help you protect your wealth.
    • Three confidential investment portfolios available only to Braintrust subscribers: Our three portfolios are built for various investing goals. The flagship Braintrust Portfolio offers a value-based buy-and-hold approach, while the Options Trader uses calls and puts to play market trends and stock movements, and the Technical Trader uses chart analysis to make buy and sell recommendations.
    • Unlimited bonus reports from all of the Newsmax financial newsletters: As a subscriber of the Braintrust, you will receive the bonus reports each member of the Braintrust writes. You will instantly be privy to over 25 intriguing reports that are valued from $19 to $49 each.

Activate your account by Clicking Here Now.

If you have additional questions regarding these changes, please email or call:
(800) 686-0151. Representatives are available weekdays 8:30am-8:00pm EST to take your call.

We appreciate your business, and look forward to providing you with an enhanced level of service.

Newsmax’s LIGNET and Financial Braintrust